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Privacy Policy

CNBusiness - Privacy Policy

We care about your privacy. We want to tell you in detail about the policies and practices which we have adopted to protect your privacy so that you can feel confident about how we handle the personally identifiable information  you entrust to us, and understand how we manage your personal information to offer you the best possible products, services and experiences. The company that develop this site, may be used databases where information may be stored, may be located outside the country from which you accessed this site, but we will collect process and use personal information only in accordance with this policy. The personal information made available to us may, therefore, be transmitted abroad.
While we do not intend to make changes to our policies very often, it is always a good idea to double check when you visit our site to be sure that you have read and agree with our most current policy statement. We will not make any changes that have retroactive effect unless legally required to do so.
The content on our sites may include, among other items of interest, entertainment, games, recipes, surveys, sweepstakes, and contests, and may also include advertising and opportunities to shop online. We may also provide information on our company and our products, and may also offer opportunities to apply for employment. We hope that you enjoy our site and will come back often to visit!
Please take a moment to review our policy in detail. To assist you, we offer this short summary:

  •  We use your personal information to fulfill your requests and serve you better. We do not use or share your personal details with outside third parties without your consent.
  •  We will only send you materials you have indicated you want to receive according to your preferences, and we will honor your opt-out requests.
  •  We use cookies and web beacons to help us understand the features that apply to visitors, provide better functionality, and offer you personalized content.
  •  We adopt careful procedures to protect your personal information, and use special care to protect credit card data you give us when you shop online.
  •  We do reserve the right to use or disclose your personal information in certain circumstances, such as to satisfy a legal request or protect our property.

When do we ask you to give us your personal information?
We collect personal information, such as names, addresses, email addresses and phone number. Visitors may choose to submit personal information online to obtain information or submit a comment, to register as an agent or to place an order. We may also obtain contact lists and other information from other sources. For the convenience of our customers and to better serve you, we combine the data. You can update or correct your contact information or change your preferences about receiving offers and information from us at any time.
We make a special effort to advise children to get parental permission before providing information or ordering anything online, and urge parents to supervise their children's online use. We may ask for age information from children so that we can provide age-relevant content and fulfill certain legal obligations; if we learn we are dealing with a child we will ask for the email address of a parent and make an effort to contact them to determine if the child has permission to provide information to us.
How we use your personal information?
We collect personally identifiable information to assist you with applications you have made or orders you have placed and notify you of results of same, to email you with updates and news, to respond to your questions or comments, to register you for certain features, to provide personalized content, information, and/or to send out brochures, coupons, samples, offers and other information on our products or our company. We ask visitors providing e-mail addresses to let us know if they would like further information or updates from us or our site; only those who request it will receive follow-up email or other communications from us. As is customary in many businesses, we may purchase and use opt-in e-mail lists to contact potential customers. We will honour opt-out requests and ask those providing lists to give us assurances that e-mail contact information is provided only for those consumers who have expressed a desire to receive offers and information by email.
Personal information is used solely by us, and our affiliates, agents or business partners who help make this site and its content and the products and services at this site, available to you in order to respond to your requests and to better serve you, consistent with this policy. Data may be shared or combined between current or future affiliates, subsidiaries or other related entities of our company to enhance efficiency and minimize duplication of contacts with you. In addition, we may occasionally ask you if we may share information with other trusted third parties. We will let you know when the information is collected if such third-party sharing is anticipated, will identify the types of businesses at the area of collection, will describe the information we will share and will only share data if you agree. We will share personal data only with those who have agreed to follow careful policies.

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